Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our love for food. At Al’s Kefir, we make delicious ice cream, sodas, and smoothies using homemade kefir and fresh fruits. Kefir is a superfood that has 5 times the amount of probiotics than yogurt, and has loads of vitamins and minerals. Our products make delicious and healthy alternatives to commercial sugary drinks and desserts. And it’s all natural! It’s a great way to get your daily dose of probiotics, while satisfying your sweet tooth without all the excess sugar.

其實腸道健康不只是和消化吸收排泄有關, 它更有「最大的免疫器官」之稱。腸道的好菌就像是身體的「免疫訓練師」, 幫助免疫力進化成熟, 相對地, 如果腸道裡壞菌比好菌多, 就可能造成免疫錯亂, 引發各式免疫疾病。想要維護腸道健康,就要好好保養, 保持腸內的好菌多於壞菌。我們的Kefir就是其中一個好菌的來源, 裡面含有四十多種益生菌, 不但可以幫助保持腸道健康, 還可以取代一般比較多糖份的汽水, 雪糕或其他甜品!


Kefir Soda

Kefir soda is a fizzy, refreshing, and slightly sweet beverage that is full of healthy probiotics but is low in sugar.


Kefir Smoothie

Milk kefir is a tangy yogurt-like beverage, but it contains far more probiotics than regular yogurt. It could be slightly fizzy after fermenting for a while.

Milk kefir has 30-50 different strains of probiotics.

Our kefir smoothies have no added sugar and is 99% lactose-free.


Kefir Savory Dips

Our savory dips are made out of milk kefir cheese and fresh ingredients. It is very creamy and rich, but still low in fat, packed with probiotics, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Frozen Kefir.jpg

Frozen Kefir

Frozen Kefir is a tangy frozen dessert made out of milk kefir. It makes a great alternative to ice cream and sugary frozen yogurt. It’s low in fat and sugar. It’s so healthy you could have it for breakfast!