Kefir contains over 40 strains of bacteria, in addition to around 6 strains of yeasts. Kefir is also a good source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and calcium. Here are some health benefits of kefir that are supported by research:

• Helps a wide range of digestive issues

• Improve symptoms of allergies, asthma, as well as cold and flu illnesses

• Helps skin diseases such as roseca, acne, eczema, etc.

• Aids lactose intolerance

• Anti-inflammatory effect

• Detoxify your body


• 提升免疫力

• 改善濕疹

• 各種敏感症

• 消炎作用

• 改善乳糖不耐症

• 改善消化不良

• 改善腹瀉或便秘問題

• 調整血壓

• 增強抵抗力

• 慢性疲勞

• 心血管病

• 預防骨質疏鬆

• 預防癌症